Davey's Diary (web series)


Directed by Mark Datuin

Written by Mark Datuin & David Emanuel




Co-production with DECO Pictures

A comedic web series that follows a down-on-his-luck young man in search of his coming-of-age moment.


Davey is an inexperienced young man who succumbs to his overbearing mother’s pressures of finding a girlfriend. She doesn’t have to be perfect, she just has to be available and interested.


David Emanuel as Davey

Katie Uhlmann as Dahlia

Barbara de la Fuente as Mila

Aidan Black Allen as Courtney

Victoria Sullivan as Melanie

Adrian Rebucas as Jonathan

Natalie Jantzi as Estonia



Mark Datuin - Writer/Director/Producer

David Emanuel - Writer/Producer

Tanya Hoshi - Production Manager

Angelica Alejandro - Production Manager

Clara Chan - Cinematographer

Manuela Casinha - Wardrobe/Set Designer

Antonio Robledo - A.C. / Gaffer

Cassie Bragg - Make-Up

Sharon Monuk - Script Supervisor

Caroline Belanger - Production Assistant

Glafira Gronvall - Marketing Associate

Ron Butler - Gaffer

Chelsea Wang - Sound

Taina Cunha - Craft Services

Nicholas Theodorou - Stills Photographer

Iain Gardner - Composer

Alan Wild Guerrero - Colorist

Episode 1 - Brownie for Your Thoughts?

(April 21, 2015)