Indiscriminate Eyes is a comedic short film centring around Paul, a down-on-his-luck young man in search of his true purpose. Told through a series of flashbacks, Paul's journey takes him through the ups and downs of reality where he comes across a variety of questionable yet important characters that are integral to his quest.​How can you tell when something is not what it appears to be? How important is it to maintain strong ties to your past? When do you know it's time to burn bridges? For better or worse, Paul uncovers the answers to these questions in this fast-paced comedic short.



Directed by Mark Datuin

Written by Mark Datuin

Produced by Mark Datuin & Tony Babcock





Tony Babcock as Paul

Jen Viens as Kathryn

Amy Slattery as Cindy

Meagan Tuck as Jenica

Carlos Finch as Father Armani

Susan Fischer as Sue Anne

Jason Riddle as Jordan




Mark Datuin - Writer/Director

Phil Prieur - Cinematographer

Robert Sharpe - Cinematographer

Rachel Ames - Editor

Eli Bennett - Composer

Victoria De Sousa - Makeup & Hair

Brian Da Costa - Boom Operator

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