Mark Datuin - Writer/Director/Producer

Krzysztof Bryjak - Producer

Dmitry Lopatin - Cinematographer

Samantha Spatari - Editor / A.D.

Angelica Alejandro - Unit Production Manager

Iain Gardner - Composer

Benjamin Barton - Sound

Shane R Preston - A.C.

Manuela Casinha - Set Dresser

Kristine Kroken - Makeup

Lubin Lobo Martinez - Production Assistant

Semira Chan - Production Assistant

Stacy Hylton - Stills Photographer

Katherine Kehoe - Props

Ana Iugulescu - Poster Designer




Mismatch and Lighter (2017) | 16 min


Directed by Mark Datuin

Written by Mark Datuin

Produced by Mark Datuin & Krzysztof Bryjak




Urszula - Anastasia Kokolakis

Jordy - Krzysztof Bryjak

Emily - Samantha Kaine

Wilson - Josh Vokey

Justine - Kathleen Pollard

A quirky therapist takes it upon herself to play matchmaker with all of her unsuspecting clients.

Official Trailer for MISMATCH AND LIGHTER

Pre-production Promo Video of Mismatch and LIghter

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