Oksana and Viktor (2019)  |  19 minutes

Directed by Mark Datuin

Written by Mark Datuin

Produced by Angelica Alejandro

After a rough ending to a long-distance relationship, Oksana and Viktor continue to meet once a year in an attempt to maintain an unlikely friendship.


Writer/Director - Mark Datuin

Producer - Angelica Alejandro

Cinematographer - Dmitry Lopatin

A.D. - Mathew Moreau

Editor - Carroll Chiramel

Composer - Iain Gardner

Camera Operator - Brandon Reitsma

First A.C. - Nora Navarro

Second A.C. - Juan Pablo Jaramillo

Gaffer - David Ruggles

Sound Recordist - Pauline Beal

Sound Mixer - Carlo Scrignaro

Key Makeup Artist - Aline Kurik

Assistant Makeup Artist - Brynne Lee

Production Assistant - Mita Ghosh

Stills Photographer - Voitek Pendrak

Set Decorator - Barbara de la Fuente


Oksana - Ekaterina Baker

Viktor - Nicolas Sampedro-Sillmann

June - Brittany Howatt

Semira - Kristen MacCulloch

Stacy - Amy Slattery

August - Nathan Bigec

Connie - Ashaya Babiuk


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