Relatively Screwed (2016)  |  5 min


Directed by Mark Datuin

Written and produced by Mark Datuin



After committing a dishonorable act, Espen confides in Colin, a stranger who may or may not have his best interest at heart.


Brandon James Sim as Colin

Krzysztof Bryjak as Espen

Meagan Tuck as Shayla

Jon Bratt as Panhandler


Mark Datuin - Writer/Director/Producer

Steele Fernandes - Cinematographer

Carroll Chiramel - Editor/Colorist

Iain Gardner - Composer

Sarah Cunningham - First A.D.

Brian Da Costa - Location Sound

Stacy Hylton - Stills Photographer

Andre Guantanamo - Production Assistant

Jiali Ou - Poster Designer