Sorry for Coming (2016)  |  9 min


Directed by Mark Datuin

Written by Mark Datuin

Produced by Angelica Alejandro, Sarah Cunningham & Mark Datuin


A group of tourists are in for a surprise when they are assigned a socially awkward tour guide on her first day on the job.


Amy Slattery as Kendal

Trish Rainone as Amanda

Angelica Alejandro as Meldyh

Matthew Carvery as Beck

Marisa De Oliveira as Mirabel

Andre Guantanamo as Casper

Sarah Cunningham as Gina






Mark Datuin - Writer/Director/Producer

Sarah Cunningham - Producer

Angelica Alejandro - Producer

Shady Hanna - Cinematographer

Daniel Malavasi - Editor

Iain Gardner - Composer

Samantha Spatari - Script Supervisor

Alex Silberberg - Makeup

Antosia Fiedur - Stills Photography

Brian Da Costa - Sound

Caroline Belanger - Production Assistant

Jiali Ou - Poster Designer

Antonio David Azor Barrero - Spanish subtitles

**Official Selection: 2016 Toronto Short Film Festival

**Official Selection: 2016 Milledgeville Film Festival

Trailer for Sorry for Coming