The Women of Alpine Road (2019)  |  17 min

Directed by Mark Datuin

Written by Mark Datuin

Produced by Samantha Kaine (Red11 Productions)

Lucinda and Patty are two estranged women who reunite under circumstances they were not prepared for. The encounter leads them to deal with a shameful past that they could never overcome.


Writer/Director - Mark Datuin

Producer - Samantha Kaine

Executive Producer - Nicholas Tabarrok

Cinematographer - Dmitry Lopatin

A.D. - Caoimhe Clancy

Editor - Jeff Gruen

Composer - Iain Gardner

A.C. - Brandon Reitsma

Sound - Stephen Lorne

Hair & Makeup - Nicole Pilon

P.A. - Melissa Mendes

Assistant Editor - Shane Preston

Wardrobe - Kayla Bullen


Lucinda - Kathleen Pollard

Patty - Katerina Taxia

Morgan - Colin Fox

Josh - Miles Faber

Michael - Mark Taylor

Robert - Jeff Gruen


Trailer for The Women of Alpine Road