Directed by Mark Datuin

Directed by Mark Datuin


Venke and Daryl are two professionals who meet for the first time over cappuccinos and are unable to differentiate between a date and a business meeting. Dealing with themes of conformity and false expectations, 'Venke, Daryl, Daryl, Venke' blurs the lines between what is professional and what is personal. Filming took place in March 2014



Sarah Cunningham as Venke

Andre Guantanamo as Daryl

Annie Fairfoul as Anka

Diana Franz as Woman

Trevor Neskovski as Man

Allan Dobrescu as Buster

Karrie Kwong as Restaurant Patron

Elsa Dinsdale as Restaurant Patron

Ann Smith as Restaurant Patron


Mark Datuin - Writer/Director

Carmelina Crocco - Cinematographer

Dejon Walker - Cinematographer

Tony Babcock - Assistant Director

Allan Dobrescu - Production Assistant

Veronica Sealey - Set Designer

Jeff Holmden - Editor

Iain Gardner - Composer

Justin Szarabura - Location Sound

Angelica Alejandro - Script Supervisor

Stacy Hylton - Stills Photographer

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